REVIEW: Walk Your Dog With Love - No Pull dog harness

REVIEW: Walk Your Dog With Love - No Pull dog harness

Many dog owners who wish to have a dog that does not pull on the lead may choose the Walk Your Dog With Love - No Pull dog harness. The harness is well renowned for allowing you to walk your dog without tugging, making dog walking simple, pleasurable, and enjoyable.

In my Walk Your Dog With Love Harness review, I'll look at the following:
  • Fit and attachment
  • Walking control
  • Security and comfort

What is the Walk Your Dog With Love No Pull dog harness?

For my dog, I've tried a variety of so-called no-pull dog harnesses throughout the years. If only I'd known at the time that dog harnesses were originally meant to increase the pulling power of sled dogs! So, what is the Walk Your Dog With Love - No Pull dog harness all about?

Walking Your Dog With Love The No-pull Harness differs from conventional dog harnesses in that it is not attached at the back and instead leads your dog from the front, providing superior steering and control. The front clip forces your dog to walk at your side, and if he pulls, he will rotate towards you.

The harness is connected to Ziggy's lead through the ring at his lower chest region in the image above. As opposed to a rear clip harness, which encourages tugging, this allows me to lead him from the front. This harness is suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

We are strongly opposed to dogs being walked by the neck, whether with a choker, prong, pincher, or even a flat collar. The hazards of walking your dog from the neck include tracheal collapse, oesophageal injury, soft cartilage damage, and increased anxiety, to mention a few.

Research conducted by Nottingham University, UK, studied whether pulling on the lead and the consequent strain on the dog's neck may result in neck injury. Using pressure sensors, a variety of collars were evaluated on a canine model. The researchers discovered that the pressure applied was sufficient to endanger the dog. They noted that because all collars pose some risk, dogs should be walked with a no-pull harness or trained to walk on a loose lead without tugging.

Of course, Ziggy always wears a collar to ensure he has his ID tag with our phone number on it. He can't pull, no matter how excited or powerful he is. This is without a doubt the best no-pull dog harness, and it achieves comparable results with challenging large breeds.

How does the Walk Your Dog With Love - No Pull dog harness work?

Walking Your Dog With Love - No Pull dog harness works by leading your dog from the front, as opposed to a rear clip harness, that stimulates your dog to pull forward by naturally encouraging tugging against the pressure. The front strap rests low over the dog's chest, which discourages spontaneous pulling.

Front-clip harnesses significantly decrease the amount of pulling a dog can perform. As a result, they are the favoured choice among many dog trainers, walkers and veterinarians. They provide the owner more control over the dog's movement and are especially useful if your dog is stubborn!

Looking back in time, we can see that people rapidly discovered that guiding large animals like goats, horses, and camels from the front was easier. They quickly found that this provided them with much greater steering and power.

A traditional dog harness around your dog's back encourages him to pull forward by naturally urging him to pull against the strain. That is why a sled dog team wears a customised dog harness that makes pulling simpler and encourages them to do so.

Front clip harnesses, on the other hand, do not enable this natural tugging since the front strap is low over the dog's chest. Harnesses, such as the Walk Your Dog With Love - No Pull dog harness, encourage your dog to walk by your side, and if he attempts to pull, he will end up spinning towards you!

This explains why all of my other standard harnesses fail to keep my dog from pulling!

Why do I prefer the Walk Your Dog With Love - No Pull dog harness

There are several benefits to using front-attaching dog harnesses, and there are numerous brands to select from. Here are the primary reasons I chose this harness for my dog:

  • No pull. It is not linked to the back like a typical harness, your dog cannot pull. When I first tried it on Ziggy, he tried to pull and simply rotated towards me. I had a high value treat poised ready, which I used to lure him to my side.
  • No choke. There is nothing around your dog's throat, and so, you cannot injure or harm him. Your dog is less prone to choke, cough, or have other discomforts.
  • Easy to fit. In comparison to other no-pull dog harnesses I've used, this one is really easy to put on! Simply slip it over your dog's head and click the buckle beneath the stomach. It's that simple! There is only one buckle, so there is no confusion about where everything goes, and it is really simple to remove.

In addition, here are other great benefits of this dog harness:

  • Comfort. The harness is manufactured using nylon webbing. It is both exceptionally robust and extremely light, ensuring your dog is comfortable and protects his skin from chaffing.
  • Practical. It contains reflective material that makes you feel safer walking your dog in the dark at night or early in the morning. It will not stretch or absorb water, and it is easy to clean.
  • Escape proof. If your dog is an escape artist, don't be concerned! Because the strap sits higher on the chest, your dog is unable to escape.
  • Reasonably priced. The Walk Your Dog With Love - No Pull dog harness is reasonably priced and adjustable as your dog grows. 

Is the Walk Your Dog With Love - No Pull dog harness right for your dog?

Here at we're convinced this is the best no pull dog harness on the market. Control is far superior to that of rear-attached harnesses. It is simple to put on and take off and only requires one simple adjustment. It is an effective no pull dog walking aid and reasonably priced.

Why choose Walk Your Dog With Love - No Pull dog harness

How to fit your Walk Your Dog With Love - No Pull dog harness

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