What are the symptoms of heatstroke or distress in a dog?

What are the symptoms of heatstroke or distress in a dog?

Heatstroke symptoms can appear quickly and include:

Heatstroke risk in dogs
  • Heavy panting, even when not exercising
  • Breathing issues, especially in flat-faced dogs
  • Tiredness
  • Unwillingness to move or stiffness
  • Dribbling
  • Confusion
  • Being sick, which can be a bloody
  • Stomach upset, which can be bloody
  • "Drunk" walking in a zigzag or wobbly pattern
  • Collapse
  • Fitting

If you suspect your dog has heatstroke, contact your vet immediately while cooling them down. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical for saving a dog's life. According to research, while one in every seven dogs brought to a vet with heatstroke dies, 98 percent of those seen early with mild symptoms are likely to survive.

Here are some tips for looking after your dog in the hot weather.

Helping a dog suffering from heatstroke 

Any dog suffering from heatstroke should be seen by a veterinarian, especially if they are extremely ill or unconscious. If you don't know where your nearest vet is, you can find one here. It is critical that you begin cooling your dog as soon as possible; this can make a significant difference in whether or not they survive.

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