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Walk Your Dog With Love - Running Belt

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Run or jog with your dog without having to focus on holding the lead. Please remember it takes time to train your dog to run with you on a lead as they often like to zig-zag under your feet.

Fits between 28-52 inches and is meant to be worn "loose". We recommend using together with our Walk your dog with love lead.

Please note lead and harness are not included.


Polypropylene webbing

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Care Instructions

Hand wash recommended

Manufactured using polypropylene webbing

Dog Inspired Engineering

Simple to use running belt

It works with any standard lead. Just slide your lead handle onto the belt, buckle the belt around your hips...and start running.


Fits 28-52 inch waist, loose fit recommended


Sewn with industrial strength three-ply Tex 70 nylon thread and have dual "Boxed X" stitching for added strength


Nylon material feels soft and does not dig into your waist


Manufactured with Nylon and very easy to clean, hand wash recommended.

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