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Dog Cooling Mat

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Prepare for the summer months and keep your dogs cool during the hot days.

How to use

Our dog cooling mat should be placed in a shaded spot where your dog feels comfortable. This can be indoors, outside or even in the car.


Small: 30cm x 40cm
(chihuahua, small terrier,...)

Medium: 50cm x 65cm
(spaniels, beagle,...)

Large: 45cm x 90cm
(labrador, golden retriever, german shephard,...)


Temperature regulating phase-change material

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Care Instructions

Hand wash with dog friendly deetergent recommended

Dog Cooling Mat

Dog Cooling

Our dog cooling mat contains non-toxic phase change crystals. When your dog lies on the mat the solid crystals absorb the heat from your dog who will feel a cooling sensation.

After several hours of absorbing body heat, the mat will eventually turn to a thicker liquid state and stop cooling. This is often towards the end of the day and the mat can be simply left in a cool room overnight to recharge.

If required the mat can be placed in the fridge for rapid recharging.

"This is a must have for the summer! Great product and given Nigel (my spaniel) a cool spot to enjoy the heat-wave, life-saver" - Sophie, London.

Manufactured using temperature Regulating Phase-Change Material

Dog Inspired Engineering


Our dog cooling mat provides a consistent cooling sensation for hours and keeps your pup cool in warm or high ambient temperatures.


Our dog cooling mat is always ready to be used:

- No water required

- No pre-cooling or freezing

- No electricity or charging needed

Can you imagine the shock you'd get lying on a pre-frozen mat! Not only are ice packs uncomfortable for dogs but can also be dangerous due to shock or burns. Our dog cooling mats provide consistent cooling in a more controlled way.

Rechargeable phase-change material

Our dog cooling mat absorbs the heat from your pup over several hours and will release the heat during the evening hours ready to cool your pup the next day


Our dog cooling mat is manufacutred using hard-wearing PVC fabric that will last for many summers.

Can be folded and stored easily.


Simply wipe the dog cooling mat clean with a dog friendly detergent.

Chillr Cooling Mat

Keep your pup cool

Dogs can suffer in the heat

Prepare for the summer months and keep your dogs cool during the hot days. Dogs can overheat quickly and need our help to stay cool.

Walk very early or very late

Try to avoid midday, the hottest part of the day and walk early in the morning or late evening. Remember if the pavement is hot to your feet, it could burn your pups paw pads.

Plenty of water

Just like us, it's critical to ensure there is plenty of fresh clean drinking water for you pup. Keep them happy and hydrated

Cooling Mat

A temperature regulated dog cooling mat will provide your pup with a cooling sensation.

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