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GreenPoop Dog Poo Bag (120 Bags)

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Our GREENPOOP compostable dog poo bag is the best choice for the planet. They are naturally biodegradable, EU certified, and tested to decompose in 3-6 months (even in home compost!) and are made from a unique sugar and corn starch blend. As a result, they are the most environmentally friendly poo bag available. Designed specifically for dog and cat owners to make the stinky job easier and Mother Earth happier! TUV OK Home compostable and EU EN13432 certified.


Compact roll fits in your pocket. Each bag opens to 9" to 13".


Compostable sugar and corn starch blend.

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Care Instructions

Recommended to store in a dry place.


- Super easy to open (no licking of fingers!)

- Naturally biodegradable

- Home compostable certified

- Vegan friendly

- Made with sugar and cornstarch

- 120 Bags per box (2months supply)

"Amazing dog poo bags. After trying many dog poo bags these are lovely to use. They are easy to open and feel soft, they are also very good for the environment." - Lorraine, Bristol.

Award Winning Dog Poo Bags

GREENPOOP dog poo bags have been developed by a group of pet owners passionate about the environment.

Our dog poo bags can help reduce plastic and microplastic pollution in the world.

Join us to help to take small steps to help the environment and make a big change.

100% Naturally Biodegradable

Dog Inspired Engineering

Tough and durable

Keeps its integrity for days/weeks while full. Hopefully, you'll only need to hold onto a full bag for a few hours at most!


No plastic ,microplastics or plastic derivatives

Fully compostable

Certified to degarde in the UK climate within 3-6 months into entirely natural elements

Note on dog waste

Home compost containing dog's or cat's waste is not suitable for use in growing food but is excellent for non-edible plants and flowers.

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