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Walk Your Dog With Love - Dog Seat Belt

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  • Adjusts to 4 lengths ranging from 32 inches to 12 inches.
  • Works with any dog harness…not just ours
  • Works in any vehicle
  • Has no moving sliders which can break
  • is Bright Orange so it can be seen by First Responders
  • Is simple to use

Securing your dog in your car is essential for the safety of your dog and you as well as it being a legal requirement. Even a mellow dog needs to be safely secured because even a calm dog can become anxious if the car stops suddenly, there is  car horn or worse a car accident. This is the dog seat belt for them. 


Polypropylene webbing

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Care Instructions

Hand wash recommended

Manufactured using polypropylene webbing

Dog Inspired Engineering


Unfortunately, most dog/car accidents are caused by a dog that distracted the driver. If your dog likes to have some freedom while in the car, then a dog seat belt is for them. It allows them to look out of the window, see what's going on and also see you at all times. 


Adjusts to 4 lengths from 12 - 32 incches.


Sewn with industrial strength three-ply Tex 70 nylon thread and have dual "Boxed X" stitching for added strength

Easy to detect

If you are ever in an accident, the first responder will be able to find your dog rapidly. They will be able to safely move your dog from your vehicle. You don't want a rescuer to open your car and your spooked dog running out of the car into even more danger. A dog seat belt is therefore essential for travel.


Manufactured with Nylon and very easy to clean, hand wash recommended.

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