Five tips to walk your dog with love in the summer heat

Five tips to walk your dog with love in the summer heat

With the scorchio weather hitting the UK. It's essential that you look after the welfare of both yourself and your dog. Here are five tips to ensure you can walk your dog with love in the summer heat and sunshine:

Tip One - Check pavement temperature

If it's hot outside, stand barefoot on the patio and/or pavement before deciding whether it is too hot for your dog. If you need to keep moving because the pavement is too hot for you, it's far too hot for your dog. You should be able to comfortably stand still for a minute or so without any discomfort. Ideally, take your dog for a walk in woods where it will be cooler, although remember to apply mosquito repellent if you're like me and get targeted at dusk in the woods!

Tip Two - Hydrate before your walk

Ensure your dog has had a good drink before you leave the house. If your dog is like Ziggy and prefers drinking fresh water from the tap, then make sure you empty their water bowl and hold the fresh water under their nose. This will help to ensure they remain hydrated on their walk with you.

Tip Three - Walk your dog with love early morning or late evening

The day is typically at its hottest between 11am - 3pm and so ensure you avoid these times when it is scorchio hot. Ideally walk them before 9am and after 6pm allowing them access to the garden if they need a quick toilet break in the middle of the day.

Tip Four - Rehydrate during your walk

Take water with you at least 500ml would be recommended for a 30 minute walk in the hot weather and a dog cup or bowl for them to easily drink from. As your dog gets out of breadth and starts panting check if they will take any water. This could be as regular as every 5-10 minutes depending on the heat and how active or old your dog is. 

Tip Five - Take it easy

If you normally take a ball and play chase with your dog or like to take them on a run with you, make sure you do this very early (i.e. 7am) to ensure the day hasn't had a chance to get hot. If it has been hot all day, we would not recommend any intense activity in the evening and a simple stroll around a park or a wood is recommended. Taking them somewhere they can cool off in a river or lake is also a good way to help them keep cool while you walk your dog with love.

Please check our guide on identifying heatstroke in dogs to ensure they are safe during the hot summer months.

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