Meet the Team

Jonathan with Ziggy


Helps to keep the customers happy and supports everything from orders, customer enquiries, stock levels and makes sures you and your pets have a great experience with us.

Jonathan was responsible for setting as the Official UK supplier of Walk Your Dog With Love No Pull Harness. 

Feel free to contact anytime.

Ziggy Walk Your Dog With Love Harness


is our lovely cockapoo who has brought lots of energy, fun and excitement to our family! We test all our products with him to check that your pup will like them too. He gives everything a very good chew test and there's lots of toys that he's destroyed in under 10 minutes that he thinks are great...but we can't really recommend Although it may not be his favourite toy, the Walk Your Dog With Love No Pull Harness was a game changer for loose lead training. Definietly, our recommended harness for any dog owner.

Brian Guinea Pig


Our very first guinea pig and was such a happy popcorn'y guy! He used to run around and play with his friend Bob. Unfortunately, he didn't wake up one morning early 2022 and was the inspiration for the name of our petshop.

Bob Guinea Pig


Our shy guinea pig and recently had the snip so that we can find him a girlfriend (or two) to enjoy his retirement years!

He loves a stimulating environment and we're looking for the best options to help both him and also your guinea pigs!

Walk Your Dog With Love Hidden Team

Hidden superstar team

To enable the smooth functioning of our petshop we have superstars looking after stock levels, order processing and logistics!

In addition to this my son and wife also support everything to do with and always happy to help with your orders and questions.

About Us

Our mission at is to provide the very best pet supplies to make your cuddly pets as happy as they can be! We're a family run business that have been inspired to offer the best accessories for your pets.