No-pull dog harnesses that work

No-pull dog harnesses that work

A dog that pulls on the lead may be a real pain. But don't fear, assistance is available! Dog harnesses that are anti-pull or no-pull can significantly minimise or even eliminate dog pulling behaviours.

No-pull dog harnesses are an excellent alternative for dog walking in general since they relieve tension on your dog's neck and provide you more control. No-pull dog harnesses are a lifeline for dogs who pull on the lead. They assist in managing your dog's pulling force, allowing you to walk your dog with love.

The Best No-Pull Dog Harness - Walk your dog with love - no pull harness

Walk your dog with love - no pull harness varies from traditional dog harnesses in that it is fastened at the front rather than the rear, offering improved steering and control. The front clip pushes your dog to walk beside you, and if he pulls, he will turn towards you.

The harness is connected to your dog's lead by a ring on his lower chest. As opposed to a rear clip harness, which encourages tugging, this allows you to lead them from the front. This harness is suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

We strongly discourage walking dogs by the neck, whether using a choker, prong, pincher, or even a flat collar. Tracheal collapse, oesophageal injury, soft cartilage damage, and heightened anxiety are just a few of the risks of walking your dog from the neck.

Nottingham University in the United Kingdom investigated if pulling on the lead and the resulting tension on the dog's neck may result in neck damage. A variety of collars were tested on a canine model using pressure sensors. The researchers determined that the administered pressure was enough to harm the dog. Because all collars carry some risk, they recommend that dogs be walked with a no-pull harness or trained to walk on a loose lead without pulling.

Full review available here

Beyond the no pull dog harness

A high-quality no-pull dog harness may make a significant difference in your dog's walking behaviour coupled with focussed training. We strongly advocate the walk your dog with love - no pull harness and please read more about training tips to combine with the harness:

5 ways to walk your dog with love

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