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Walk Your Dog With Love - Back Attached Tracking Reflective Color Dog Harness

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Rear Simplicity - the back attached tracking harness is the simplest harness to put on and take off your dog. Simply slip over your dogs head and click the harness secure, no step over required. 

The leash attaches on the back of the dog. This is perfect for hiking, tracking, running, nose work or other high energy activities. It's useful for when you don't need the steering/control our front-leading harness gives you. Also great for when medical issues prevent the use of a front leader and situations where a rear-attached harness will help the dog e.g. for leg strengthening. Rear attached is also recommended if your dog has sensitive armpits, as the body strap is pulled away from them.

It is designed for your dogs comfort in mind with no hard metal sliders, or integrated rings pushing against your dog. It is adjustable to fit the width of your dog within each weight class and is made with soft, smooth and robusst Satin-Finish Nylon that you and your dog will love. Includes 3M Scotchlite Reflective™ for safety. 


Polypropylene webbing

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Care Instructions

Hand wash recommended

Walk your dog with love

Unique Benefits

Flexible Walking

The free-floating ring provides the human walker more freedom and flexibility and it functions better in the many real life situations than a stationary ring does.

The ring adjusts naturally to the dogs position and is much more comfortable and easier to handle for you.

No Choking

It is not around your dog's throat, so there is no risk to your dog's neck and so you don't hurt your dog. Dog collars and chokers are just not a friendly or necessry way to walk your best friend. Your dog with enjoy their Walk Your Dog With Love as much as you will. 

Easy On

It's as simple as putting it over you dog's head and "click", easy peasy. Ziggy happily sits, stands and sometimes lies down ready to get his harness on.


It's light weight and doesn't have any hard and heavy rings, sliders or sharp sewn areas that can chafe or rub your dog's fur. Ideal for your dog if they love to run, swim or walk in mud or muddy puddles and get dirty!

Manufactured using polypropylene webbing

Dog Inspired Engineering


Extreme durability to withstand constant pulling


Great strength to stand up to large accelerating forces

Stretch resistant

Tough webbing ensures you have total control over your dog

Water Resistant

Does not absorb water and so it doesn't get stinky or uncomfortable for your dog


Easy-to-clean-so your dog can look like the lady or gentleman it is

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